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Facebook is one of the best marketing platforms for bands to promote their music on currently

I'm sure you're aware that Facebook is the place to be for musicians. It offers a very "real" audience and potential fan base for your band and a network that allows you to share important information easily. Information such as upcoming concerts, new music, videos, and so much more. My name is Nick, from NickJag.com. You could say I’m a “Facebook Marketing Specialist.” I’ve consulted for several companies in the past few years, most being record labels, politicians, and band management companies. I'm going to share with you a couple chapters from my Facebook Marketing Book.


A Quick and Easy Mass Messaging Technique:

When you need to message all your friends individually and safely, an event mass message is the best way to do it. The way this works is to create an event, invite all your friends to join, and then message all the invitees. Individual messages will be sent to any invitee that has not yet denied their attendance.

To create an event, click the “Events” link on the left navigation bar and click the “Create an Event” button on the right-hand side. Use an event name that corresponds to your message or just use your personal name so users are not confused. Set the Network of the event to Global so you can invite all of your friends from any network, and set an end time equal to the time period you need to continue sending out your messages. Fill out the remaining required fields and keep the options set to default.

When uploading your picture, most announcements and events will have the greatest success by posting a personal photo (your profile picture) as opposed to a graphic. The reason for this is that users receive graphicbased event invites and messages quite often and are much more likely to open your personal message. Finally, you can invite all your friends by clicking their names individually or by using list groups as we discussed earlier in the groups section.

After you have created your event and have invited all your friends, it’s time to mass message all the invitees. Go to your event page that you just created (under the events link on the left navigation bar) and click “Message all Guests.” In case you were wondering, there is no “Report as Spam” link associated with these mass event messages.

Now let's talk about some music specific techniques.

my concert

I'm sure most of you have installed or at least heard of iLike. What many don't know is that the application has some excellent marketing functionality built-in. This chapter comes directly from the Facebook Marketing Book:


“iLike” Application

The iLike Application is one of the most active applications on Facebook. It allows you to add music to your profile, but more importantly, it allows bands to add their own music to their profiles, create their own iLike band profiles, and dedicate their music to friends.

After installing the iLike Application on your personal profile, artists can also sign-up for a Musician Page (in addition to Facebook Pages). This will allow you to upload your own music, concert information, photos, videos, etc. for other people to share through the iLike Application platform. Once you have your music and information uploaded, you can dedicate your own music to each of your friends. This is by far the most powerful networking tools of the Application. Friends will receive your dedication with your song and optional message, which will be displayed on their profile for all their friends to see (and hear when clicked).

A controversial subject when discussing media is the “auto-play” option. Unfortunately for bands, there is no current Facebook media player that auto plays music (it seems Facebook has made sure Application developers cannot do so). Users will have to click the play button next to your song to hear it, and it doesn’t seem Facebook will be changing this anytime soon. Just as we discussed giving incentives to users for inviting their friends to groups or events, the same techniques can apply here. Giving incentives to your friends for dedicating your music to all of their friends could help generate a very viral campaign, especially if you can keep it going. Consider the following scenario as an example:

Joe has 30 friends who have the iLike Application and dedicates his band’s song to all of them. He offers free tickets to his concert to anyone that dedicates the same song to their friends. Since he’s really close to some of his friends, he talks 15 of them into doing it. Let’s take a look at how he’s expanded his network with just this one-level tier.

After Joe dedicated his song to the 30 people, that song was displayed on 30 profiles instantly (with a possible 5 minute delay). This means that if each of those 30 people had 100 friends, he has expanded his song’s reach to 3,000 people!

After talking 15 of his friends into dedicating his song to their friends (about 30 each), he has now expanded his song’s reach to a total of 46,500 people! Now, remember that this is potential reach (how many different people have the ability to play your music) with pure averages, not actual plays or even views (that would be astounding for such little effort); but you can begin to see the extensive networking abilities this Application has.

my concert

Another useful technique with the iLike Application is posting on related artists’ iLike Page Wall about your own band. This can help drive targeted users, but be careful since users are also able to report your posting as spam. You can also keep track of your individual song statistics. After logging into your iLike homepage (http://www.ilike.com/artist), you can “View Stats” for each song on your “Artist dashboard” page. Mainly, checking out how many “Profile Adds” and “Dedications” you’ve received will help determine which songs are most popular and spreading well.


Targeting Your Music to Fans

If you just got started on Facebook and need a little advice on how to dig through the millions of potential fans out there, here's some steps on how to find your sepcific audience:

  1. Login to your Facebook account
  2. On the left-hand side, click the down arrow next to “Search” and select “Profile Search.”
  3. Let’s say your band sounds really similar to Velvet Revolver. Type “Velvet Revolver” in the Music field under “Personal Info.”
  4. Chances are you’ll see about a hundred people since your search is limited to your network. A little trick not many know about is to expand your network with a geographical network – most students are only signed-up to their school network.
  5. Go ahead and click the down arrow next to “Networks” at the top and select “Join a Network.” Join New York, NY (a network of over half a million) and then complete your “Velvet Revolver” search again.
  6. You now see over 500 people that like Velvet Revolver. These people are your target audience and will potentially love your music also (if your band sounds like them). Now you can do this with other similar sounding bands
  7. Here’s a quick tip: Use bands that aren’t very popular, it helps with conversion ratios when messaging people. This is because, although someone may like Bob Marley for instance, they might not be a huge fan of all reggae. However, if you were to search for a smaller reggae band, or just the word “reggae” you would turn up more quality reggae fans that would be more likely to enjoy your music.


Did you want to know more? Download another free Chapter

Throughout your promotion efforts, there's one thing to be careful about - becoming marked as spam.


Avoid Getting your Band Flagged

There's actually several ways to be marked as spam on Facebook, and most bands, and businesses for that matter, have no idea how much risk they put themselves in when they promote.

It's a big deal having all your fans, friends, your entire network, gone! Facebook has learned from the mistakes of MySpace and has implemented an efficient and effective filter that relies on the user (as shown to the right).

I have spent hours and several accounts testing each and every one of my promotion techniques and general methods, how effective they are, and how to avoid getting flagged and having your music account deleted.

I have found ways to send messages to thousands (literally thousands) of targeted users at once, even if you don't have any friends... messages that cannot even be flagged!

Don't overestimate what you know about Facebook, there are serious opportunities and techniques most people have no idea existed!

Did you know there are ways to get thousands of friends instantly, without sending out one friend request? Imagine that, opening up your brand new Facebook account with 1000 friends, all of whom are just waiting for you to use another one my techniques to message them all in only 7 minutes.

What I've come up with are 25 excellent and unknown, effective techniques for marketing on Facebook. You've already read a couple above, and if you're interested in another one, download another free chapter here.

Want to know more, or maybe you have questions? Nick@FacebookForBands.com



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